Adventures in Skin Care

Johnny Cash had me in mind when he wrote “I’ve Been Everywhere”.

I’ve tried many many many combinations of products on my face and here’s what’s been the best:



Olive oil on my lower cheeks

Fasting on lemon juice


eating mostly vegetables

alpha hydroxy lotion

biotherm superactiv

sleeping before 11PM – perhaps hormone related

changing my pillowcase

cleaning face gently

scrubs once a week

astringents and a mask once a week


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Water Fast – Testing It

I woke up this morning in a very violent state of mind after sleeping uncomfortably on the couch downstairs. In the midst of my anger I decided I was only drinking water today and eating nothing. Anger does a superb job of killing any appetite I have.

It was 35 degrees in the shade today and the house was literally on fire – in addition to that my  kitchen is being cleared of all appliances for a new floor. Means lots of noise. The day before I was suffering from a massive sugar crash after a Wendy’s frosty – I haven’t felt that sluggish in years. So my fasting was intended to clear up both sluggishness and the shame I felt from the angry outbursts.

I felt a comfortable rumbling in my stomach initially. Some people are uncomfortable with the sensation of an empty stomach. I find it much more tolerable than feeling bloated. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel hungry at all past 12PM. I drank about 4-5L and still felt very thirsty until late at night.

Of course, a bucket of cookies and cream Soy icecream threw me right off the tracks – I cleaned up half the bucket. Big mistake. Right now I am fart central – and I feel like something is alive in my stomach and knawing at me.

I am no health expert. Various sources (including the Bible) credit water fasting as the most basic way to purify your body. The basic gist is your digestive system is allowed to rest – allowing your body to focus all its energy on healing and rejuvenation.

On July 16 I am beginning a 10-15 day water fast/master cleanse. For spiritual reasons, energy, and because I was just cast as a very fragile looking cripple in a feature that’s being shot on HD. So I feel that committing this time around will involving nearly no self-doubt or moral questioning. Exciting. Exciting. Exciting.

I will miss my piano when in Germany.

Further Reading:

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Most Absurd Websites

1. Peter Pan’s Homepage

Seen a website that was far and beyond what you thought the human imagination was capable of? Recommend it.

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The 3 most motivational words

‘Virtually impossible task’

Being faced with a ‘virtually impossible’ task and learning that I have a lot to lose motivated me beyond belief. To stay in class, I had to complete 60 hours of research and 9 deep, personal, well thought out projects – in 10 weeks. I was essentially screwed – but I have never smiled wider in my life. I saw this as an opportunity to show people that I was capable of the ‘virtually impossible’. There is almost nothing as glorious and feel-good as knowing that you have done the impossible. And here I am, being given that chance.

Countless others have been motivated to greatness simply by being faced with what seemed like an ‘impossible task’. Peter Jackson and Lord of the Rings, for one. Nobody believed that J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic was filmable. Jackson proved them all wrong.

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Running: the real ‘secret to success’?

“A successful life is merely a series of successful days in succession”

My definition of success. Just get through today successfully – the rest will come naturally. Never fails. But alas, we are all human, and sometimes it’s difficult to consistently have our successful days in succession. I’ve found running to be ‘the’ determining factor in whether my day will be ‘successful’ or not. Sound crazy?   (more…)

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Building literally gets hole-punched

Richard Wilson is an acclaimed British sculptor and installation artist.

Here he literally cuts into a building – connects the peice to a track – and rotates it. Unbelievable.

Want more ridonculous? Check out The Daily Serving

Art can open your mind like a chainsaw on a can of tuna.

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Baking cookies can teach you how to reach those goals


I’m always on the lookout for abstract analogies now that I’ve made a commitment to dedicating most of my time to art-related endeavors.

This morning – being the priority-orientated person I am – I decided to stay up all night and bake cookies at 4:30Am. Mmm. Great idea mate.

Then I realized that the ‘formula’ for success is universal, even in the things as trivial as cookie baking.

How does that work? How did I do it? Keep reading.


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